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Polyester Fabric And Polyester Staple Fabric
Dec 29, 2017

Polyester Fabric And Polyester Staple Fabric ,what are their differences? Read below, you might find answers.

Polyester Fabric

it is a kind of synthetic fabric which is used in daily life.

(1)The biggest advantage is that the wrinkle resistance and the conformality is very good, therefore, suitable to make clothing.

(2)Polyester Fabrics have the following characteristics of polyester fabric with high strength and elastic resilience. Therefore, it is durable and anti-wrinkling.

(3)Also, it is easy to dry after washing, and the wet strength is hardly reduced, not deformed, and with good washing ability.

(4)Polyester Fabric is the most heat-resistant fabric in the fabric, with thermoplastic, can make pleated skirt, pleating long.

(5)Polyester Fabric is good for all kinds of chemicals.Acid and alkali are not much damage to it, and they are not afraid of mold.

Polyester Staple Fabric

Polyester staple fabric is made of polyester staple fiber. Polyester staple fiber is one kind of chemical synthetic fiber which can be cut into various lengths in the process of spinning.Polyester staple fiber is produced by the polyester filaments which cutted fist then spined to yarn.

(1)Wear resistance: the wear resistance of polyester staple is second in synthetic fiber.

(2)Water absorption: the moisture absorption of polyester staple is low and the insulation property is good, but due to low water absorption, it is easy to generate static electricity and the dyeing performance is not well.

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