Spun Polyester Single Jersey
গরম পণ্য
Do not be afraid of cold any more,Fleece Fabric will give you warmth.
Jan 19, 2018

Have you ever see or wear hoody?

Do you know the typical fabric to make hoody?

Here i will share you more knowledge about Fleece Fabric.

How dose Fleece Fabric been produced?

Fleece Fabric is a fabric which been woven first, after catching hair, sueding processing, finished fabric comes out with wool surface. Normally single side fleece or two side fleece.

The raw material of Fleece Fabric.

Fleece Fabric are generally made of pure polyester and polyester-cotton. Pure cotton material is very few,because cotton is not so easy to fleece.

The characteristics of Fleece Fabric.

The Fleece Fabric used in the outdoors can achieve the following functions: heat preservation, wind protection, light weight, fast drying, abrasion resistance, extension, easy to compress, easy to handle, antistatic, splash water and so on.

Fleece Fabric is the typical fabric to make hoody.

Because of above advantages,Fleece Fabric had been used in clothing industry for several decades,and it became the typical fabric to make hoody.

When you feel cold,maybe it is time to wear hoody instead of T-shirt.Hoody not only looks fashion,but also thermal and convenient to wear.Why not buy hoody?

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